Charles Cornwallis

  • The movie character General Cornwallis is based on the factual Lt. General Charles Earl Cornwallis Cornwallis oversaw the British Army's in Carolinas in 1780 - 1781.

  • In the movie he was portrayed as being pompous but in fact he endeared himself to his men, so rather than watch the battle from a far,he served on the front lines and put himself in harms was constantly.

  • As seen in the movie, Cornwallis was the commander at the battle of Camden, defeating Major General Horatio Gates of the Continental Army.

  • He moved into North Carolina as in the movie because the frustration of Militia's that continually harassed his supply routes and outposts.

  • One of the Fictional parts of his role is when he complies to a truce with Benjamin Martin, as Martin trades the fake british soldiers for his militia captured by Cornwallis and his army.

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